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Unusual Casio 95QGR-33

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Unusual Casio 95QGR-33

Post02 Feb 2021, 20:25

Many years ago, I bought a Casio 95QR-33 in Japan. I've always liked that watch, although I realize there's nothing special about it. It's dual time feature was something I frequently found useful, and I was more into utility than fashion. The module in that watch eventually died, but I was able to find other Casio 95s on ebay to keep the watch going, so I now have a collection, some working, some not, of the -30, -31, -32, -33 versions, both Rs (round) & Ss (square.) Nevertheless, I continue to watch ebay for reasonably priced purchases.

Last year, an odd one came up and I bought it: a 95QGR-33. The G stands for Gold. It's the only one I've ever seen. I believe it came from somewhere in the middle east, and it may only have been sold in that region. I don't know if the gold is really gold or some other kind of finish. It's worn thru on the corners of the clasp, so you can see the stainless underneath. it came in working condition, and I just posted about recalibrating the quartz crystal frequency, as it had been gaining a lot of time. That may have been the reason it ended up on ebay.

Can anyone add any info on this gold version? Was this something that Casio did with other watches?

Jim Adney
Madison, WI

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