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Unbranded Gruen Teletime/Pacemaker LCD 1974

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Unbranded Gruen Teletime/Pacemaker LCD 1974

Post27 Jul 2021, 14:50

Here's a nice crown-set Gruen Teletime from 1974 in working order. It's a bit battered but to be fair, 70s gold-tone watches (which are not NOS) usually have that slightly dull finish these days.
Reading up on this particular variant would indicate it has an Ilixco screen, with elegant, thinner, slanted digits. Uses the common Gruen 606F module, so if it goes bad I will probaby be able to source parts. The case oddly features no Teletime/Pacemaker branding which has been suggested indicates it belonged to a Gruen employee and used to show off their latest developments. I'm happy for it to join my growing collection!

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