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Seiko SDGA Prices

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Re: Seiko SDGA Prices

Post14 Dec 2017, 18:16

I balked at getting one for $750 USD, when they were first released. Sure would've been a great investment. Buy like 10 of them and sell them off for 3 to 4 times original value in just 5 years.

Smart watches are encroaching into this space... and SEIKO is probably not going to make any new LCD or EPD watches again. Not when a smart watch can do so much more... except of course at the sacrifice of battery life.

I have a Garmin vivoactive HR smart watch that I wear on my right wrist, and then I wear watches from my collection on my left wrist. I know, it's probably a little silly, given how they both tell time. The Garmin vibrates, and pretty damned strong too, about twice as powerful as my vibrating CASIO G-Shock watches (G-7500, GD-350). Lasts about a week on a full charge. Since I'm on a laptop all day, I can just plug in the Garmin when it needs topping off. I've been wearing it for a couple weeks now.

This is the vivoactive HR:

The screen is quite nice. Not as high contrast as the SEIKO EPD, but it's really nice *and* customizable. Some people have created alternative watch screens that you can download for free from Garmin's Connect IQ. You can configure your vivoactive HR watch face to be minimalist, data saturated, full digital, analog, or analog-digital... Pretty nifty. Of course, the SEIKO has no means of user customized fonts or graphics.
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Re: Seiko SDGA Prices

Post14 Dec 2017, 21:10

There's now one on Ebay for the relative bargain price of $1,697 ... SwEaBZ6gFQ
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