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Ventura vtec Alpha 1 LTD edition.

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Ventura vtec Alpha 1 LTD edition.

Post12 Jan 2018, 20:31

After a couple of weeks of research ive been able to find a registered Ventura dealer who has supplied me with probably the last available Alpha 1 LTD edition,complete with its regular " travel box" and its beautiful LTD edition piano black case.This hand made wood case has eight coats of hand applied black piano lacquer, chrome plated brass hinges, steel plaque and removable inner partition,removal tool and outer red/black outer box.
To find this full package with both original boxes is a pretty rare find.Im not sure,but i think this model was initially available in smaller numbers with the lacquered box but changed at some point to the regular Ventura box design. Its very special and im lucky to find it.
Possibly the most iconic of all Venturas models, i rate the Alpha 1 along with the FX,RX,PX Sparc models and the Delta and Sigma as design classics and the best offerings from this exclusive and rare Swiss manufacturer.
The alpha 1 needs no introduction and having had most Venturas at some time,this is,the one that ticks all my personal boxes. :-D The replacement Alpha 2 is ,well something of a disappointment.I did read somewhere that after Hannes wettstein the designer passed away,the design rights for the alpha (i presume for the delta,and kappa as well ) were removed and the production discontinued.
I very much doubt if its original design will ever be bettered, sometimes things cant be "improved" by second incarnations.
Pics to follow.
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Re: Ventura vtec Alpha 1 LTD edition.

Post12 Jan 2018, 23:21

Still wearing my VTEC Alpha daily, have been since 2004

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