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Modern LED alternatives to HGWC and Kosmonauta?

Discussion on MODERN LED, LCD, OLED and E-INK watches
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Modern LED alternatives to HGWC and Kosmonauta?

Post04 Jun 2018, 22:22

Hi again!

I have been away from the digital watch scene for a couple of years. Part of the reason may have been the burglary, "liberating" me from all my (working) wrist watches. However, I recently realised a) that I have not yet bought myself a birthday present, and b) that I have yet to spend the rest of the money my insurance company gave me after the burglary.
So, as you may have guessed, the devil is currently tempting me to buy a new LED watch.
Since I have been away for awhile, I may not be fully aware of all the options on the market. I know about the HGWC, and I know about the Kosmonauta, but that's about it.

Is there more to choose from?

(El-Cheapo watches do not count. Please restrict yourself to watches suitable for WISs.)
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Re: Modern LED alternatives to HGWC and Kosmonauta?

Post18 Jan 2019, 04:59

I have been wondering the same thing.

The only other modern LED that I have been able to find is the cubewatch:

Looks similar to a "smart"-watch when the display isn't activated but is "voluntarily not connected." I would put this watch as better than cheapo but not quite up to WIS level.

G. Gerlach's website no longer lists the Stainless Steel Kosmonauta as being available, only the black PVD version. I have inquired whether there will be any more Stainless versions available but have not heard back. I have ordered a black PVD because I am concerned those may run out at some point too.
LED watches are quiet and polite. No ticking, no tocking, no beeping, no buzzing; they will only tell you the time when you ask to see it and they will do so instantly with no annoying animations. A more civilized watch for a more civilized age.

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