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Recent tool acquisitions I'm enjoying

For electronic related stuff like module repair, silver epoxy fixes etc.
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Recent tool acquisitions I'm enjoying

Post01 Oct 2008, 22:12

Went to my first NAWCC(North American Watch & CLock Collectors) show recently and picked up a few cool tools. The most mindboggling simple, but very effective one is the green ball($8) pictured here. Slightly tacky feel to it, you press it against any screw-down case back and turn. I've yet to come across one that it couldn't get off and no scratched cases or backs. :x The other toys are (left) - spring bar bender $10, and (right)solid carbide jawed nippers $25. The nippers in particular are an absolute joy. 8-)

Oh, and that absolutely mint Pulsar jewelers mat for $ one for a friend too. :o - Sales of vintage LED, LCD, analog watches, parts and gadgets - repair tutorials & tips
10/16/2020 - after a much needed break, I am back at it. Hoping to post all new stock shortly. "Gee, forgot I had this." "Huh, forgot I had this too". :)

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