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Seiko 0634-5009 LCD (strange colour/ strange solidification)

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Seiko 0634-5009 LCD (strange colour/ strange solidification)

Post19 Jun 2014, 22:59

Hi, I just bought a 0634 on ebay, which had a craked crystal but the rest was "in full working condition". I wanted to put this working modul into my really well maintained 0634 which I have at home but whose movement was completely dead after a battery leak. (occasion buy on a local flee market, 10€)
What I didn't see on the ebay pic was that the display has a red/purple shine and there is a visible solidification, see pics.)
Now my first question is: Is the colour sign of the age? Is it due to an bleached reflecting mirror? (I have a very clear spare mirror)
And could the solidification be on the mirror as well? A close look shows that it is behind the segment...
Does anyone have an idea what could have caused there irregularities? I'm curious, and want to learn.. (-;
Plus I dont really want to open it and change the mirror. I did it once with my other 0634 and I was sure it was sheer luck that it worked out.

I attached two pics one form the watch that has the problem and one from my other watch that look as it should, shot from the same angle with the same light so you can compare
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Re: Seiko 0634-5009 LCD (strange colour/ strange solidificat

Post20 Jun 2014, 03:20

Hi roland,

Yes, I can see the "solidification" but the picture is not well exposed. What it looks like is peeling or curling of the LCD polarizer on the front of the LCD panel. Have you taken the watch apart yet? Have you felt the face of the polarizer? If not, I suggest you do so to get the exact diagnosis.

If it is indeed the peeling of the front LCD polarizer, you could try removing it with a razor blade, but it is difficult. Once the polarizer is off, you would want to get a non-sticking "high-contrast" polarizer film and place it in front of the LCD panel. The only other alternative would be to buy a new LCD panel, and install it.

This may have been caused by humidity if the owner at one time lived in a part of the world where there was high humidity. Try taking the watch apart, and making sure of what is going on with the LCD panel first. I do not think it has anything to do with the rear reflecting mirror.

Thank you,

- Patrick

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