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Pulsar single digit of death help...

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Pulsar single digit of death help...

Post05 May 2015, 12:02

Hi all,

I won a Pulsar P4 Dress on a local auction site for a reasonable price with the 'needs new battery' caveat, although the buyer is/was also happy to refund if the watch didn't work.

Opened it up to take a look and was confronted with this – thanks Union Carbide.



I thought for sure the module was a goner, but gave it a clean with isopropyl and tried a new pair of LR44 batteries - this is the result –


With a pair of tweezers I can change the digit, and also change the position, but only one digit, so I figure it's the SDOD problem.

So, I'm happy to try changing the crystal if I can find one and if this is likely to be the issue.

Does anyone have a source for the correct replacement 32.768 kHz oscillator?

Or am I better to get a refund from the seller, or resell it non-working on eBay?

Thanks for any replies.

Many thanks
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