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What's missing here? Casio CMD-40

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What's missing here? Casio CMD-40

Post14 Nov 2019, 15:18

Hi all,

I just bought a Casio CMD-40 marked as "for parts/ not running".
I opened the watch and found out the zebra strips were missing (makes perfect sense it was marked not running).
I replaced the strips and found the LCD was lighting up (showing digits): YESSSS!!!

But the watch isn't running.
I looked at the module and quickly realised some parts are missing in the watch (check picture), probably some conductors.
I've been looking all over for a picture of the inside of this watch, but can't find anything.
Can anyone help me out?

I'm still learning about this stuff. I can deduce to a certain point what the problem could be, but lack a lot of the technical information/ knowledge.
So I have no idea what the resistance of the conductors should be (if that is in fact what is missing here), so bare with me ;)

Does someone have a picture of this insides of a running watch, so I can figure out what exactly is missing or can some one answer the question what is missing in this watch?

Thanks in advance for any of the information provided
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