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Looking for a bracelet for a goldplated Wittnauer Polara

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Looking for a bracelet for a goldplated Wittnauer Polara

Post27 May 2021, 16:44

Hi gang,

Several months ago I bought what "would" have been a very nice Wittnauer Polara on eBay, but, when the seller packed it up for shipment, he absolutely DESTROYED the bracelet, by "crunching" the watch down into a tiny little 4"x 4" x 1" box (which, he then mailed in a padded envelope), thereby breaking the small connector link completely off on one side of the watch case, and severely mangling the small link, on the other side of the watch case. So, ever since then, and for many months now, I have been searching for another bracelet for this otherwise nice, working watch...anyone know where I can get one? Usually I'd hate to scavenge parts from one watch, just to fix-up another watch, but, if anyone had an old Wittnauer Polara with perhaps a beat-up watch case, that otherwise has a decent bracelet with the small connector links intact, I'd be very interested in purchasing it.

Charles :)
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