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Regluing a Pulsar battery clip -tip?

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Regluing a Pulsar battery clip -tip?

Post24 Jun 2021, 18:22

I was regluing a battery clip into a solid gold PUlsar and thought, "I'd struggled with this in the past but this method works nicely. Should share."

1. Place drop of glue between the two location "dimples" in the case back.
2. Drop clip on in "close" position.
3. QUickly take a sharp item and poke through the hole and find one of those dimples for sure.
Take a sharp item and put through the other clip hole - now you move the clip in a small arc to find the second dimple. Since the first hole/dimple connection is locked in by #3. ;)
Lift one hand and press that damn clip lightly in the center (don't want to flex the little beast) before the glue dries.

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2022 - wow, exciting last 2 years or what?! Glad to see you chaps are still holding forth. Wish I would get over here more :(

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