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Where to go to refinish black metal band

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Where to go to refinish black metal band

Post15 Sep 2014, 07:53

I have two Seiko A828-4010, which also seem to go by various different digits in the last four. Also called the Driver's Watch.

It was made around 1983-4, listed for only about $150, but was very unique in its appearance and was worn by some very famous racing drivers including Aryton Senna.

On both watches the band is black metal (somebody had mentioned PVD), and the black is rubbing off.

I'd like to get them refinished black, but I really don't know who or where or how to go about it. A friend of mine has extensive experience in refinishing rare wheels for automobiles and says he could either powder coat or anodize black.

What suggestions can you guys give this newbie?

Here' s some pics of the watch...not mine of course. ... _a828_4019


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