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Fixing a bent bracelet?

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Fixing a bent bracelet?

Post19 Mar 2015, 12:58

Hi all. :-)

Is there anyway to reset bent bracelet links? I have given them both gentle bends in the opposite direction, but it hasn't done much. I don't want to bend them too far back in case I break them. Ideally I would remove the link completely, but (particularly with the black painted one) it looks quite difficult to do and I don't want to damage the paint etc. Can I risk trying to bend them back further, or is there a high risk of the strap breaking?

Thanks. :-D


Ps: not at all related, just a random fun snap of the watches laid with different straps. I quite like the black face with silver bracelet. :grin1:

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Re: Fixing a bent bracelet?

Post19 Mar 2015, 15:08

If i had a hammer...a hammer in the morning...a hammer in the evening... :-D
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