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Case Seal: Casio 95Qs?

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Case Seal: Casio 95Qs?

Post10 May 2019, 01:00

I've been struggling with keeping my Casio 95Qs properly sealed, so I'm wondering if I'm doing it correctly.

With the case face down on the bench, I insert the module.

Then the thin stainless "guide" ring. This ring has a tiny "L" shape, I've been putting the flat side down. Let me know if there's a more proper term for this ring.

Then the rubber seal, worked into the inside angle of the guide ring. With effort, I can get the seal's OD to fall outward, into what appears to be a bit of a relief below the case back threads. I lubricate the seal with a tiny bit of silicone.

Finally I screw the case back on.

One problem I'm having is that after seating the OD of the seal out into the relief groove in the case, the guide ring seems to want to pop up out from under the seal. Has the seal shrunk? Does anyone know the correct seal size?

First general question: Am I assembling these parts in the right order?

Second question: I have 95QR-31, -32, and -33s. Do these all use the same seal and guide ring? The 31 and 33 have threaded backs, while the -32 has a back that's attached by 4 screws. Other than that, and the case difference between QR and QS, I've yet to see much difference between the different versions. One difference I HAVE noticed is that the sealing rim on the back of the -31 is wider than on the -33. I'm not sure if this is significant.

I've noticed that the lip on the guide ring also fits perfectly into the case back. The fit is so nice that it makes me wonder if the seal should go in first, then the guide ring,then the back. Putting the guide ring in that way might allow the case back to spin while the guide ring didn't, thus keeping the seal from squirming out of position. However, this would seem to offer a water leak path, along with a lack of positioning of the seal.

Does anyone know what the differences were supposed to be between the -31, -32 and -33 versions of this watch? I've been treating all the internal parts as interchangeable, but if the guide rings are different, that might be part of my problem.

One interesting observation: Although I believe all these models came out around 1980, when I just reset the one I was working on, I noticed that it powered up on 1/1/70. I believe the paperwork that came with my -33 when I bought it in Japan, circa 1981, claimed that it's calendar would work up thru 2027. That seemed a long time off back then, but not so much so, today.

thanks for any insight you can offer,
Jim Adney
Madison, WI

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