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First Seiko digital.

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First Seiko digital.

Post11 Jan 2017, 11:33

I have just picked up a cheap A158-5000 from eBay. It's in a right old state and will never be mint but will make a good daily wearer.

It's the first Seiko I've stripped down and I am very impressed. I see why they fetch a premium now. The parts are great quality and there is real thought to the design.

The module is A1 so very happy with that.

The case needs a new 'grille' with the Seiko logo on it. Are these available?

There are two seals inside, one for the case back and one around the speaker. Should I replace these? They look and feel perfect.

It's fitted with the wrong battery. Any idea what the right one is?

Two of the four buttons really stick in. Tried cleaning them. It's the buttons themselves that are at fault. As they stick regardless of which hole they go in. Are the little O rings available?

Kind regards,
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Re: First Seiko digital.

Post12 Jan 2017, 03:35

Correct battery type is SR1130W or 389. Silver oxide.
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Re: First Seiko digital.

Post12 Jan 2017, 07:37



    silicon grease
    Soapy water
    Fine point tweezers

You say you removed the pushers therefore you know about the circlips. I use the same silicon car spray you use for the rubber gaskets on the doors and trunk. Spray some in a small cup.

    Remove the pushers; clean them in soapy water.
    Ensure they are straight and not bent.
    Ensure the o rings are not cracked.
    Rinse and dry the pushers.
    Soak them in the silicon spray in the cup overnight. (This softens the o rings which have hardened over time)
    Coat the pushers in silicon grease. Seiko makes some but the electronic store will have a toothpaste sized tube at a fraction of the cost.
    Clean the pusher tubes.
    Insure the tubes are not deformed (must be round). Use a fine pointed round awl to open or round the tube opening.
    Insert silicon grease into the pusher tubes.
    Insert and work the pushers in and out.

If that does not work then replace the o rings. Seiko or generic from someone like Borels. Use the case number which is the second set of four digits in conjunction with the movement number when requesting.

It is a good to replace the case gasket and battery gasket as well, but treat them the same way as the pushers vis-a-vis the silicon spray and grease.

Good luck.


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