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Nice review of the 1977 HP-01 LED digital calculator watch

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Nice review of the 1977 HP-01 LED digital calculator watch

Post16 Nov 2016, 20:38

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Re: Nice review of the 1977 HP-01 LED digital calculator wat

Post17 Nov 2016, 18:32

Ok, a very nice review, BUT if "HP-01 - In 1977 HP invented (?) The Best Watch Ever" as it is stated in the Techmoan's review, it seems that Casio earlier in 1976 ALREADY invented "The Best DIGITAL CLOCK Ever" :grin1: , since the calculator (time) functions of the 1977 HP-01 are almost the same as the EARLIER 1976 Casio CQ-1 LED Digital Clock named by Casio the Time Comp/Computer Quartz + Casio also has 4 different sounding alarms ! :scratch:

"The stopwatch measures to tenths of a second and runs to a maximum of 10 hours and has a lap timer. There are 4 alarms each with a different signature sound.
The calculator is basic, but the date and time calculation features are nice. Dates can be subtracted to return day differences and also numbers of days can be added or subtracted from a date. ... the date automatically calculates and displays the day of the week. It can handle dates up to 2099!!!"
More info at
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