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April online Vintage Technology magazine is available

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April online Vintage Technology magazine is available

Post13 Mar 2008, 07:39

Go to to download latest issue (April '08). Only £0.79p / $1.60 for a 40+ page magazine devoted to the collection, preservation and history of all aspects of digital and electronics technology, including computers, arcade games, calculators, led watches, mobile phones, appliances, gadgets, robots, radio, audio and tv.

This issue features:

Vintage VHS video recorders - why we love them
The brave new world of videotex
Whatever happened to the teasmade?
Sega Master System - worthy rival to the NES
Sinclair ZX80 - 1st computer for under £100
Hard disks - humble, but collectible
Review of retro games for the Xbox & Playstsation
1970s Sanyo calculators
Vintage hi-fi headphones
1980s novelty radios
Interview with Dave Johnson - ColecoVision programmer
Lets party retro-tech style
Imagination Machine memories

Plus sections on museums & collections, latest events & news and book review.

VTM aims to explore the legacy of recent past technology, explore new ‘electronica' which could become or already is collectible, be an enjoyable resource for collectors & historians and celebrate the history and personalities surrounding this subject.

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