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Seeking 28mm snap-on casebacks for my two Croton LED watches

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Seeking 28mm snap-on casebacks for my two Croton LED watches

Post08 Oct 2021, 23:18

Hi Gang,

A few months ago I ran across this PAIR of Croton red LED watches, as shown in the accompanying pictures, but the seller had claimed to have misplaced BOTH of the snap-on casebacks, which, I thought was kind of weird. But anyway, both watches DO appear to work, so I've been looking for replacement, 28mm casebacks for them, with no luck. I've got lots of other sizes...25mm, 26mm, 27, 29, 30, 31...but, none with an inside diameter of 28mm. I even tried (and failed) to "flare outward" a 27mm, to try and make it fit, but it didn't...also, trying to "crimp inward" on a 29mm didn't work, either, as it just wouldn't stay on. So, I was wondering if anyone on here happened to know where I could find a couple of snap-on-type casebacks, of that oddball 28mm size..?

Thanks in advance,
Charles ;-)

croton3 (600x450).jpg

croton4 (800x600) (600x450).jpg
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