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HP 01 Cricket talk at HHC2016

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HP 01 Cricket talk at HHC2016

Post18 Nov 2016, 06:32


One of my other hobbies is everything HP from 1970 to 2000. In fact I am finishing a book about the thirteen families of HP calculators. Restoration techniques, upgrades, photos, how to and etc. It will be around 400 pages when completed (soon). I belong to a group of people based on the first computer club in the world formed around the HP 65, the first programmable hand held calculator:

The HP 65:

Short write up on the HHC: ... %20V2c.pdf

Now to the DWF. This year the conference was held in Ft Collins, with a tour of the atomic clock facilities at Boulder Colorado as a follow up. On the way down to the conference from Vancouver Canada, I decided to create a PowerPoint on the flight about the HP 01. It might be of interest here so follow this link: ... RE3-xsbyb0

Cheers, Geoff




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Re: HP 01 Cricket talk at HHC2016

Post18 Nov 2016, 14:10

i used to own a HP-65, AFAIR. Need to dig out my HP-01.

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